Earth Day Cupcakes
Earth Day Cupcakes

Cupcakes are great to celebrate Earth Day at the office, at school or with friends! Blue and green swirl together to make each Cupcake Cap unique.

Remember - you bake or buy the cupcakes,
we provide the yummy cupcake decoration!

Earth Day Cupcake Caps are $12.00 a dozen.


Special thanks to Nelle P. (and her dad, Adam)
for this great idea!

Coodinating Earth Day Cupcake Caps
Blue Swirl Cupcake CapBlue Swirl
Green Sparkle Cupcake CapGreen Sparkle
Earth Day Cupcake CapEarth
Blue Sparkle Cupcake CapBlue Sparkle
Green Dots Cupcake CapGreen Dots

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