fabulously edible cupcake toppers


Are Cupcake Caps edible?


Of course! And no, they are NOT made of fondant! They are made primarily of sugar and have a neutral, sweet taste.



Do you sell Cupcake Cap samples?


Sorry, no. The time and effort it takes to make and ship a sample makes it almost as expensive as a dozen. It also helps keep the overall cost lower. :)



How the heck do Cupcake Caps work?


You have an event. You want fabulous cupcakes. You don't have the time/inclination/skill to decorate the cupcakes yourself but still want to do at least part of the project yourself. Bake/buy the cupcakes, schmear a little frosting on, plop Cupcake Caps on top, and Ta Da! You have beautiful, party-ready cupcakes.



Are Cupcake Caps easy to use?


Heck yeah! See our easy-to-use instructions.



How long does it take for Cupcake Caps to arrive?


We love when you allow 2 weeks from the time that you order. We make them fresh for YOUR order and they take a few days to make.  Also - we use USPS Priority mail but like to allow a week for shipping.



How long do Cupcake Caps last?


Quite awhile! We ship them individually sealed so that you only open what you need and the rest stay fresh until you're ready to use them. We suggest you store them in a cool, dark place.



What is the texture of a Cupcake Cap like?


Hmmm. Well... they are firm but very bitable. As sturdy as Cupcake Caps are, everyone finds them surprisingly tender to bite into. And NO! They are NOT made of fondant. They're MUCH better than that!



What is the nutritional scoop on a Cupcake Cap?


Cupcake caps are fat free! Of course, as a confectionery product, their primary ingredient is sugar. See our nutritional information if you'd like the details.



Still have questions? - Please feel free to email us! customercare@cupcakecaps.com